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  • Whether you are planning an international congress, a sales conference, a board meeting with representatives from head office or a tour of your factory for overseas visitors, or if a written translation is required – simultanea köln is the ideal partner for all your interpreting and translation needs.

    At our offices in Cologne and Bergisches Land, the team at simultanea köln headed by Ulrike Schu is at hand to provide expert advice. We help you to plan your interpreting projects in Germany or further afield.

    simultanea köln organises interpreting teams, supplies the necessary technology for large events and smaller meetings, and also provides written translations.
    A professional, high-quality and rapid service is our highest priority.

  • What customers say

    • Dear Ms. Schu,

      On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank you once again for your sterling work. The interaction between your agency, the interpreters and our team was extremely effective. Through your professional and accommodating approach in preparing for the interpreting project and the outstanding performance of your interpreting team on location, you have all made an important contribution to the success of our TV production. We would love to have you on board again the next time such a project arises.


      Sascha Rustmeier
      Senior Production Manager 

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